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Founded by Dr. Zenaidy Castro, Vogue Smiles Melbourne is practice build over 3 decades with passion for creating beautiful natural looking Smiles. Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, our practice is dedicated to providing patients with outstanding service and personalized care to make the entire Cosmetic Dentistry process as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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These are the things you should seek out when looking for your Cosmetic Dentistry practitioner. Dr Castro has the background, training, expertise that you can trust, and high patient satisfaction rate that set us apart in the industry

What sets Dr Castro apart?

Unparalleled experience and dedication to her craft

Dr. Zenaidy Castro found her passion of dentistry through her experience with cre-ative activities. As a lifelong painter and photographer, Dr. Castro is a passionate dentist who cares about creativity, perception, and working with her hands to create something beautiful. Naturally, she found that dentistry allowed her to use these skills in an impactful and fulfilling way. While her training of dentistry, Dr. Castro separates herself through her artist’s eye for detail, intuition, and finesse.

In order to give patients the smile that they deserve, Dr. Castro continually invests in the latest dental technologies and educates herself on the latest and greatest procedures. As an artist and dentist, Dr. Castro understands the importance of vis-ualization and keen eye and attention to details. With 3 decades of experience so far, Dr. Castro definitely knows her way around a tooth. What matters most to her, though, is the person behind the smile. She’s helped countless patients gain new leases on life through stunning dental transformations that go the extra mile.

Feeling unhappy about your teeth can really dent your confidence.

Fortunately, using  cosmetic dentistry we are able to get your teeth looking fantastic. It could be as simple as a session of tooth whitening, or more complex treatment that will create a bespoke natural looking smile that is suited to the shape of your face and complexion.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, but not entirely sure which treatments would make the most difference, come in  for a free Smile Makeover consultation. We’ll look at the areas you’d like to improve – such as replacing missing teeth, straightening teeth or whitening – and create a bespoke plan to transform the overall appearance of your smile. Depending on your requirements, this may involve one or more procedures, working within your budget and towards your aesthetic goal.

Unlock your Smiles

with Porcelain Veneers

Being able to smile with confidence  is a priceless feeling everyone  deserves. Having a nice smile can help you  look and feel your best. Studies even show that people live longer and happier lives when they smile.  An attractive smile can be a valuable asset in all areas of your life from getting the job or promotion, to dating and meeting new people.

Dr. Castro calls it a smile transformation, but in actuality, having your smile fixed can transform your life! He has seen people instantly gain confidence and embark on a whole new future that they never thought possible. It amazes him that a lot of patients take better care of themselves after having their smile makeover.

If your smile is something that’s holding you back, then getting it fixed can be a game changer!


What is Porcelain Veneers? 

Porcelain dental veneers are thin, ceramic shells that are placed over a damaged, misaligned, or stained tooth to conceal cosmetic issues and create a new appearance. They are one of the most effective and aesthetically gratifying remedies for teeth that are chipped, cracked, gapped, stained, misshaped, or even misaligned—often being incorporated in smile makeovers to create gorgeous smile transformations.


Prepless veneers is that they are a very conservative form of cosmetic dentistry that typically requires little to no reduction of the original tooth before placement. In fact, prepless veneers are typically considered a painless or pain-free procedure – in most cases, you may not even need a dental anaesthetic during treatment. It is a great options for patients with extreme fear or anxiety.They can be an excellent way to quickly transform your smile, but they will not be right for every type of smile transformation. The best way to find out if are for you is to come in for a complimentary cosmetic consultation


This type of Porcelain Veneer involves preparation or reductions of about  0.5 mm on the front surface of the tooth.
If offers the following advantages compared with Prepless Veneer

– More translucent than other veneers. That means light will be able to enter into and reflect back out of them in a fashion that truly mimics the lustrous look of a natural tooth.– Stronger than other veneers and can be used to lengthen teeth
– Maintain a consistent color even in a different light
– Also, a thicker laminate generally offers the dental ceramist more opportunity to incorporate characterization and shading qualities into the veneer itself by way of using different shades of porcelain in its fabrication. This characterizations effect makes the standard Porcelain Veneer more natural looking.

Which type is right for you? 

 Prepless (NO Prep)  or Prepped (traditional) Porcelain Veneers? 

Prepless (NO Prep)  or Prepped (traditional) Porcelain Veneers are capable of transforming the appearance of your smile. However, there are a few key differences between these procedures that all candidates should know.

Both veneer types offer the following benefits:
– A more attractive smile while preserving healthy teeth.
– A more uniform smile in terms of tooth colour and shape
To obtain no- or minimal-prep veneers, your tooth enamel needs to be in good, healthy shape. They’re also best suited for people with small or worn teeth, narrow smiles (the side teeth can’t be seen from the front), or slightly stained or misshapen teeth.
Patients who prefer a monochromatic, very white bleached teeth, are also good candidates for Prepless/No Prep veneers. However, the ease and pain-free advantage that no-drilling/no-shots technique offers simply outweighs the disadvantage of a less than perfectly natural-looking outcome.
For all other complex cosmetic cases,  Prepped or the traditional Veneers, is the best suitable option. During your initial consultation, Dr. Castro  will discuss all of your porcelain veneers options with you in more detail and determine which method best fits your needs.


Discover the possibilities

Explore some of the incredible before and afters of procedures performed by Dr Castro below. By looking through the gallery, you will see how lives can be transformed with the right procedure.

Never feel embarrased to smile again!

Let us be your help to a handcrafted smile that will change your life.