Artistically-raised, Scientifically-trained, Aesthetically-driven

 Dr. Zenaidy Castro found her passion of dentistry through her experience with creative activities. As a lifelong painter and photographer, Dr. Castro is a passionate dentist who cares about creativity, perception, and working with her hands to create something beautiful. Naturally, she found that dentistry allowed her to use these skills in an impactful and fulfilling way. While her training of dentistry, Dr. Castro separates herself through her artist’s eye for detail, intuition, and finesse

Visual Artist, award-winning Photographer and Passionate about every aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry

For the past 50 years, I have made a point of following my inspiration while chasing my life dreams. Art has always fascinated me as a child, I loved drawing and painting.

Visual creativity fascinates me and it is a passion can’t help but follow. This fascination with art, artistic inclination and visual creativity led me in adulthood to be more passionate in cosmetic dentistry. I have been able to use this talent to help countless patients enjoy the smile they dreamed of—and now I aim to make people smile as an valuable piece of artwork. I find it personally rewarding and fulfilling to see the impact of the smile makeover I have made on my patients life – those beautiful smiles in which they are happy and proud of. It is a reward that money cannot buy!

Outside of dentistry, I am passionate about all kinds of painting, from landscape to abstract. In late 2014, I discovered another creative outlet and that is photography. Since then, it has become an important part of my life. My photographs have garnered several awards and recognition both locally and internationally. I am an animal lover and strongly supports local and international animal welfare and charity. I have two Sphynx cat named Zucky and Zooky, whom I adored so much. I love nature and gardening and travelling. Oh well I guess this is not a little bit intro anymore about myself, I guess It’s your turn now. Hoping to meet you soon in person and would be your turn to tell us about yourself. Hopefully not just your dental pain and problems but your longings about having a beautiful smile. Well, see you soon. Call us now on 03-9629-7664 and I would love to meet you.

Never feel embarrased to smile again!

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